About Our Tutors

We don’t teach students how to memorize math problems, we teach students how to think.

First, Our Mission

At Maya’s Tutoring, we’re driven by the belief that teaching is an art that can be perfected. We understand the crucial role that skilled tutors play in a student’s educational journey. Our goal is to empower our students through exceptional tutoring. Our commitment goes beyond offering private math tutoring; we’re dedicated to hiring and training exceptional tutors who are not only knowledgeable but are committed to fostering a genuine interest in the subject. We continuously refine our teaching techniques to ensure student success.

Hi, I’m Maya

Growing up, I didn’t have a great academic support system. I was a class clown and rarely paid attention in school, which frustrated my teachers and peers. Until I was diagnosed with ADHD, which impacted my ability to learn and succeed in school, there were not many people in my life who believed in me. My third grade teacher, however, was the first to see my potential. She believed that I was just as smart and capable as any other student. Even at my young age, she knew that I had the potential to be a successful student when others did not. Still, I was a bad student for most of my life, unmotivated because I wasn’t smart enough to be an A-student. When I was a junior in high school, her words came back to me that I am capable enough to succeed. I just needed someone to believe in me. Her words carried me through the rest of my academic journey. Receiving a 3.9 GPA in the last two years of high school and graduating from Washington State University at 20 years old.

Although I graduated college with a business degree, I realized my true dream was to travel and teach. I began private tutoring on the side while working with students with behavioral issues at Horace Mann Elementary in Washington. I also worked at Hawthorne Elementary in Boise as a Title I Tutor. Now, I tutor elementary and middle school students full-time.

Looking back, I am grateful for the tremendous support and encouragement from my third-grade teacher. I love seeing the amount of academic growth and self-confidence that can happen with tutoring. I firmly believe that every child needs the right people around them for success in school and life. I want our students to have the same support and guidance that helped me become the person I am today.

Hi, I’m Matt

I wasn’t particularly good at mathematics until Calculus in high school when my teacher made it “click” for me. Now, as a U.S. Air Force Civil Engineer, math is in everything I do. I received a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of California – San Diego (UCSD) with a 3.56 GPA and plan on attending the University of Idaho in Fall 2023 to receive my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering.

I have years of experience tutoring including grade school and middle school students during my time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for undergrad, and then continuing to teach during graduate school. At UCSD I taught ESL to grade school students and currently I volunteer at The Learning Lab in Boise to immigrants and low-income adults.

Outside of tutoring, I’m an avid skier and mountain/dirt biker! Winter is by far my favorite season, and Bogus Basin is by far my favorite place west of the Mississippi! In my free time, I’m really passionate about home improvement. On weekends outside of ski season, you can bet I’ve got a hammer or some other tool in hand!

I plan to continue tutoring high school and college students. My goal is to make math “click” for them as my Calculus teacher did for me.

Hi, I’m Tim

I love teaching because it allows me to guide kids to success, even if those kids don’t believe they can achieve it themselves. While I’ve been blessed with many amazing teachers throughout my academic career, I’ve also had my share of teachers that made me feel insecure in my own ability. That insecurity made me believe that I would never be able to understand those subjects and that I was simply not suited to learn them. It was only when I relearned those subjects from better teachers that I was able to fill those gaps in my knowledge. This is why I strive to be a supportive and effective communicator who helps students conquer challenges and achieve success.

My background in the UTEACH program at the University of Texas at Austin has helped me gain valuable experience in crafting and teaching engaging lesson plans. I have experience using the 5E instructional style, which emphasizes a strong foundation of knowledge through active participation. I’ve also coached middle schoolers in First Lego League Robotics, guiding them through challenging missions and puzzles using only Legos and their programming prowess.

Beyond tutoring, I love the outdoors and enjoy hiking, rafting, and biking in Boise. However, my favorite thing to do is sit down and play a game of Magic the Gathering with my friends. When I’m not studying or playing video games I’m constantly thinking about new deck ideas and ways to make myself a better player.

Hi, I’m Karsen

With my elementary teaching degree from Bozeman, MT, I bring a unique blend of classroom experience and a passion for education to my tutoring approach. My journey in education began with early experiences in babysitting and daycare work, inspiring me to earn my teaching degree. I deeply value education and find joy in connecting with students, creating a nurturing environment that promotes their individual strengths and fosters both personal and academic growth.

Outside of tutoring, I have diverse interests to keep me engaged. I’m passionate about golf, a sport I’ve loved since high school. I also enjoy various crafting activities like painting and collaging, often shared with friends. Reading is another favorite pastime, offering me a perfect way to unwind. I take pride in being exceptionally organized, a trait that extends to all aspects of my life, ensuring that every space I occupy is well-cared-for and inviting. This organizational skill is not just a personal quality; it’s essential in my teaching and tutoring, enabling me to provide structured and effective learning experiences.

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