Understand Math?

Your child really is smart enough to understand math.

How so? Because anyone can succeed in math with the right fundamentals. We don’t teach students how to memorize math problems, we teach students how to think.

If you understand the basics, then you will not be afraid to tackle new concepts. We all have the experience of sitting in class learning math. Everything made sense until at one point the class moved too fast and we started falling behind, left to memorize equations and concepts without understanding what was going on. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to memorize the overwhelming load of information many math courses put upon their students. My strategy to counter this is to fall back on the basics and foundations. Without a strong foundation, everything can crumble at the first sign of adversity. That is why we believe it is most important to start your student on a steel frame of understanding because they are putting together a foundation for a skyscraper.

Rather than memorizing math facts as a path to understanding, our program helps build a solid foundation in math along side current coursework. We fill in the gaps that hinder their level of understanding today.

Math is truly a universal language. When we learn English, we have to learn the letters, sounds and words that form a sentence to ultimately convey an idea. Same with math: the division sign, fraction symbol, all the way through the delta sign, need a true understanding to speak the language of math. Our approach also teaches students to notice relationships and use the correct strategies to solve math problems rather than memorize equations. By starting your child on the right foot early on, there will be less worry about them in later, more advanced classes.

“After the school shut-down, one of our schools identified students with the most need for summer school.  They used the Building Fact Fluency kit for their summer school curriculum.  After two weeks, students showed 35% growth on the district pre- and post-assessment.  The teachers loved the math talk and engaging routines and the strategies they learned in summer school are easily transferable into the regular classroom.”

—Melissa Garber, Elementary Math Specialist, Jordan District, UT

The math program is tailored based around your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Along with current material, our tutors fill in gaps in learning to give a solid foundation in math. We not only teach how to solve a problem but we explain why we solve it that way. This approach helps students gain a deeper understanding in math rather that just copying steps and formulas.

We work with the schools and are familiar with the curriculum they are using, but if your child isn’t keeping up with the pace or concepts at school, this is an innovative method of teaching math logic that will prevent your student from falling behind.

Kumon and Mathnasium mostly teach using repetition. This makes it hard for a student to learn to think outside the box and is less engaging than a hands-on interactive course.

Our program has engaging lessons to drive a deeper understanding of math that is completely tailored to their learning and personality needs.

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