My Child Hates School. How Can A Private Tutor Help?

School is a tough time for kids. The pressures of parents, teachers, friends, and extracurricular activities take up so much time and effort. When school is too difficult, students will end up dreading going to school or participating in class. The last thing kids want to think about is homework. See how a private tutor may be the answer to your problems.

Why some students hate school

No child hates school unless they have a reason to hate school.

Many parents may wonder why their child is acting out, not paying attention, or leaving their homework unfinished. Often, these behavioral issues stem from educational struggles. Life is challenging in adolescence and teenage years. When a student has a gap in their learning, they fall behind once and continue to snowball throughout the rest of the year. Each day the class becomes more confusing and frustrating. Let alone do any homework. It must be so frustrating to do homework that takes you 2 hours to figure out while other students get it done in 30 minutes! The last thing they want to be difficult is school, which they are forced to go to every day.

My experience

I was like one of those students above. I acted out in class, rarely finished homework, and almost failed a few subjects in middle school and high school. Expect for math and woodshop. Why? Because I was good at them. Those classes weren’t another pressure that made me hate school even more.

In particular, I struggled with Reading and Writing in middle school. I had so much anxiety going to class every day where the homework was building up and my understanding was going down. Day after day I was falling even more behind. At some point, I just gave up. I refused to pay attention in class and turn in homework because I was too afraid and unmotivated to ask for help.

Now that I tutor students facing the same problems, I understand why acting out in class is so common. When it is hard to understand, it is hard to learn. It wasn’t until I received tutoring that I was able to catch up and turn myself around academically and behaviorally.

How does a private tutor help?

There are many reasons why a student may need a tutor. A student could have missed a crucial learning point in school, have learning difficulties, or struggling with online school during the COVID-19 pandemic. A teacher in a classroom of 30+ students does not have the time to help one student who is severely falling behind. This is where tutoring comes in. With the right tutor, they can find the gaps in learning. A good tutor not only helps understand current material but can also fill in the missing pieces holding them back. When they are competent enough to follow along with the classroom, students become more engaged and enthusiastic about school.

What I love about my job is not the fact that I teach math. I build competence in the subject which, in turn, builds confidence in school. I help break down those barriers so they can understand, learn and grow. Then, they have the freedom to truly be themselves.

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