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Confident & Competent Students

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Hi, I’m Maya

Growing up, I didn’t have a great academic support system. I was a class clown and rarely paid attention in school. Until I was diagnosed with ADHD, I didn’t realize how much this impacted my ability to learn and succeed in school. Teachers were constantly frustrated with me and not a lot of people believed that I could succeed. However, my third grade teacher was the first to see my potential…

Personalized Math Tutoring For Elementary to College Students

Maya is an amazing tutor … After a month with my son his grades have improved 100%. We highly recommend him for your children. We will also be keeping him and his motivation through the summer!.


Maya is outstanding! I highly recommend him. He is an upbeat, positive, knowledgeable, kind and reliable tutor. He has a great understanding of the right amount of encouragement to keep your student accountable, while being sensitive to limitations. He knows a lot about ADHD. I really can’t recommend him highly enough. We have been so appreciative of his services.


We started tutoring with Maya three months ago, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Maya tutors once a week, and is knowledgeable, punctual, pro-active, and most importantly keeps both of my antsy kids engaged and looking forward to the lesson. Highly recommended!


Our Programs

We don’t teach students how to memorize math, we teach students how to think.

Rather than memorizing math facts as a path to understanding, our program helps build a solid foundation in math alongside current coursework. We fill in the gaps that hinder their level of understanding.

Elementary/Middle School

  • Solidify core math concepts.
  • Interactive learning using real-world examples.
  • Foster a positive and enjoyable attitude toward math.

High School

  • Explore complex math topics
  • Exam preparation and real-world applicability.
  • Personalized strategies to boost test and coursework success.


  • Advanced guidance of theories and proofs.
  • Enhance critical thinking.
  • Learn tools for advanced course success.

Tutoring In-Person or Online


$55/Hr Per Student



50% Cancellation Fee if cancelled within 24 hours

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Understand Math?

We don’t teach students how to memorize math problems, we teach students how to think.

Math truly is a universal language. Similar to mastering English’s letters, sounds, and words to convey ideas, the same process applies to math. Comprehension of symbols such as the division sign all the way to delta symbol enables us to speak the language of math; to understand and solve problems effectively. Our tutoring program centers on reinforcing foundations and building effective problem-solving strategies. With firm fundamentals, tackling new concepts becomes easier. Reinforcing students with a solid grasp of fundamentals forms a steel frame for a knowledge foundation.

In Case You Are Wondering

Hiring a private tutor offers personalized one-on-one attention, tailored lesson plans, and the flexibility to focus on specific areas of improvement, ensuring faster progress

To begin tutoring, simply reach out to us through email, phone, or schedule a time for us to reach out to you. We’ll discuss your goals, assess the student’s areas for improvement, and match you with a suitable tutor to kickstart the learning journey!

We generally suggest 1-3 sessions per week, lasting 1-2 hours each. This balanced approach promotes steady progress without overwhelming the student. The specific schedule can be tailored to your child’s learning pace and goals.

First Session Money Back Guarantee